Friday, August 26, 2016

Obama's "Recovery" In Just 9 Charts

Image from WND
Submitted by Joe Milardo and fact checked by the editor.  World Net Daily discusses each of the charts and links to other sources.  News Busters and The Daily Caller also report this.

These charts clearly depict the the economic ruination of our country presided over by the present administration.  Hillary endorsed this financial mismanagement and, coupled with her dishonesty and inept handling of U.S foreign relations, the Obama/Clinton team succeeded in the fundamental change of our country promised in 2008.  The Democratic party led by Clinton guarantees us more f the same.

Donald Trump makes startling campaign statements which may sound stupid and hurt people's sensitivities, but be assured Clinton has done. and will continue to do. stupid things that actually do social, economic and physical harm to our country, our economy, and each of us individually, eventually killing brave public officials and soldiers.  Note, where was the photo of Clinton and Obama in the situation room directing US support forces as our Benghazi Embassy was under attack, they certainly managed to stage a photo-op the year before when we finally killed Bin Laden.  The simple answer is neither of them care a wit for any one of us, we are expendable tools for their selfish quests for power.  That's the way they both treat the military, the police, their own secret service and our fellow citizens. 

 Think about what's been gone on for the past 8 years as you read coming media reports spinning what Trump says on the campaign trail.   Remember, the media wants Clinton to be President, but its time to retire the Clintons for good.  They have enough to keep them busy with their "foundation" and we don't need them in the White House again!

Obama's Recovery In Just 9 Charts
Data is courtesy of The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
If you don't believe it, just Google:
Obama's Recovery In Just 9 Charts

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