Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Illegal Immigration Crisis 2014: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Last week we asked readers the following question:Reader Poll on Immigration: What if it was happening in Middletown?

Question: What are your thoughts on the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into Texas? If you were president, how would you handle the situation? If the government were to send buses of immigrants to Middletown, what would be your reaction?

Below are the responses we got on our facebook page and in response to this blog post.
Also shared is Mayor Drew's thoughts on immigration from his facebook page and our readers responses in sharing this. Thanks to all who chimed in!

  • John Milardo It's all about the drug money! If they became a state, maybe we would be able to better "fight the war on drugs!" lol
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  • Donna Fazzino DiStefano yes they keep coming back because we make it easy for them. we provide for their needs. they cant speak English but they get food stamps, money, housing etc..we lose our job and we get 6 mo unemployment that doesn't cover the rent. Im not going to debate this with anyone. I was asked my thoughts.

  • John Milardo I wasn't debating, I was giving my opinion, just as you gave yours. No big deal. It's America, speech

  • Linda Szynkowicz Saying someone is "an illegal" because they broke our laws does not mean we do not have compassion for them. My ancestors came over to Ellis Island and legally came into this country and became Americans. The same process has been in place for a hundred years or so.
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  • Gerald Esposito I agree with Linda Szynkowitz,these people want to come here and fly there flags as if we are another part of there country,they should abide by our laws and our constitution, and fly our flag.
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  • Kurt Knapp Jeez, Dan. My ancestors came here in 1636, legally. They didn't sneak over a border or climb over a fence.
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  • Sebastian Giuliano Note to Dan: they are not "immigrants". Immigration is a legal process by which an alien gains, first, lawful residence in the country and, ultimately, citizenship. One who has gone through this process is properly designated an "immigrant"; one who is going through the process is a "resident alien". One who is here in contravention of the immigration laws is an "illegal alien". If that fact "turns [your] stomach", you will have a hard time upholding the laws you swore to uphold.

    I don't know if you remember the naturalization ceremony held at City Hall on July 2. Those new American Citizens went through a lengthy process to get to that special day in their lives. Don't insult them by equating them with those who break the law and sneak into the country.
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  1. That settles it; after reading Drew's comments, I'm running for mayor.

  2. Drew they are called illegal because THEY ARE! My ancestors came here legally!


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