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Candidate Bios:Meet Team of GOP Planning & Zoning Candidates Clark, Simpson, & Szynkowicz

Middletown Insider blog is accepting bios from all  municipal candidates. 
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Middletown Republicans Jeremy Clark, Rob Simpson and Vin Szynkowicz are running for the Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 5.  The GOP is on Row A.

Jeremy Clark

Education: Middletown Public Schools, Riverside Academy (Grades 3-5)
Held leadership positions and participated in various activities while attending Middletown High School including Wesleyan University Upward Bound, Cross Country, Future Farmers of America and Wrestling
University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2010, Natural Resources; Bachelor of Science
Activities: Forest management on UConn Forest, UConn Timber Team
Following education, I was employed by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection as a durational forester managing state forest lands until April 2013.
I currently assist landowners throughout Connecticut with land/forest management planning and provide technical services as a licensed forester.  I am dedicated to promoting wise forest stewardship and conservation of open space for our future descendants to enjoy and benefit from.
I would be honored to serve the City of Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission with my skills and knowledge related to natural resource planning, while gaining experience in local government and town planning.
Professional Associations: Society of American Foresters, Connecticut Forest & Park Association

Rob Simpson

He is a recent Middletown resident, but a lifelong citizen of Connecticut, looking forward to serving as an advocate on behalf of issues that concern our residents, and help foster pro-growth and pro-employment conditions for Middletown.

Rob graduated from Shelton High School in 2004 in the top 5 percent of his class. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Rob graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2008 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Political Science. During college, he interned for the House Republicans and worked as a consultant with the House Republican Campaign Committee in 2008 and 2012.
Rob works as a Legislative Aide for the House Republicans in the Connecticut General Assembly in Hartford. His previous employment has been on political campaigns on the local, state and federal level, specializing in grassroots activities and organization.

Vin Szynkowicz

Szynkowicz is in his 31st year as an elevator mechanic and a proud member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 91 and currently Chairman of our Executive Board.
As a member of Planning & Zoning, I will work toward the development of the City of Middletown, specifically to develop the Riverfront area as a showpiece and gathering place for all in our community to enjoy. I will work to bring new business to our city to provide jobs and increase our tax base.
Wife: Linda J. Szynkowicz, children: Nicole Cowie and Paul Szynkowicz

Blast from the Past Dance with DJ Nick Fazzino

Dance with DJ Nick Fazzino
(Blast from the Past )
music from the 70's,80's, and 90's
Sons of Italy
2 Court Street
November 2
Call 860-998-0996 for tickets
Doors open at 7:00 pm 
tickets $15 sold at the door.



The Wadsworth Haunted Mansion Costume Bash will be held on  Friday October 25, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. Dress as one of Colonel Clarence Wadsworth's guests or your favorite ghoul and join in the festivities, which include dancing to the music of a DJ, fortune telling, light fare, and awards for best costumes.  Tickets are $38.00 per person.  There is a cash bar.  Tickets may be purchased at or by mail to Wadsworth Mansion, 421 Wadsworth Street, Middletown, CT  06457.

The Gilded-Age mansion was built by Colonel Wadsworth and his wife Katherine for grand social gatherings. The Friends of Long Hill continue that tradition by planning several events throughout the year. Proceeds from the Haunted Mansion will go to the Friends of Long Hill Estate Conservation Fund.

Guestblog: Conservative Round up Palin Smith

  Guestblog by Connecticut resident Palin Smith. The Middletown Insider publishes guestblogs as a courtesy to readers, opinions expressed may not be that of the Insider staff.

MUNICIPAL ELECTION is a week and a day away. On November 5 be sure to vote and get as many others to vote your way. And on November 6 don't go into cryogenic sleep until this time next year. Turn off Fox News Channel and pick up a phone, email a friend and follow the news online. Listening to the same over-paid pundits night after night will not solve your problems. They care nothing for your well being.

So you ask what can you do? Did you know that a small group of friends in the “quiet corner” have already assembled a highly motivated group of people intent on ousting State Senator Donald Williams in the 29th district? Nearly 50 people, a year before the 2014 election are expanding their network every month. We can't win by waiting for the under-nourished Republicans to supply another lackluster sacrificial lamb.

Anyone who will not get involved, expecting others to do the work, has NO right to complain about Republicans or politics in general. Conservatives, gun enthusiasts and everyone else who is fed up with a one-party state government have the duty to organize. Don't let the Republicans dictate whom you will vote for next year. Find your own candidates.(and they might be Republicans) Congeal into a force as powerful as local town committees. In many instances you can influence who becomes the candidates. Consider how satisfying you would feel to be able to vote FOR your choice rather than vote for the lesser of two evils. NEVER AGAIN should conservatives hold their noses on Election Day!
ONLY 20 people attended 5th District Rep. Elizabeth Esty's “Congress on your corner” meeting at the YMCA in Meriden yesterday. Every public question or comment displayed anger or disappointment with Esty's positions on the issues, but not necessarily her as a person. The word “Tea Party” was not mentioned a single time. If we had had a few more people there, we might have completely controlled the discussion. Here's an 8 clip play list of the event. Watch how the Congresswoman tries to run out the clock by rambling on.

AGENDA 21 Last Wednesday a group of ten patriots responded to Bristol activist Shawn Ruest'sinvitation to join his protest across from Bristol City Hall. Shawn has been fighting a one-man battle against proposed downtown development which would include a huge battery of subsidized low income housing. Bristol is another Connecticut city in decline. Desperate for economic stimulus, too many cities are on the verge of being hoodwinked into accepting light rail hubs.

I'm always thrilled to meet new people like Casey Bonas from Bethlehem. It's too bad he's headed for New Hampshire. This is a salesman for Liberty.

Goodman Brown is another new Face Book friend whom we met in person for the first time. Be sure to click the link to his Goodman Chronicle Blog. Nobody I've met is as clear and concise about Agenda 21 as Goodman. Friends, we are going to win.

If you like what you see, please share the videos via email, FB or Twitter with your friends in Connecticut.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dan Drew most likely will not give away his 88K war chest despite not having a GOP opponent.

Dan Drew most likely  not give his 88K War Chest away despite not having a powerful Mayoral challenger in 2013 (no offense to John Kilian)
Helping the cause: His Cause for advancement and so forth.  Mr. Mayor, take the Middletown Insider challenge and donate your money to one of the charities or
 projects below. 
MIDDLETOWN- Democrat Incumbent Dan Drew, the surprise dark horse 2011 Chinese (not really Asian, but he went to China on our dime) candidate has raised approximately (Source: Oct 10, 2013 Patch) 88 thousand dollars in order to defeat the Republican challenger.  The only problem with the scenario is that the town’s other major party the Republican Party did not nominate anybody to run against the young Drew who wishes to spend large chunks of city money (approximately $85,000) on cosmetic lights for the Arrigoni Bridge and give ION Restaurant a solid $100,000 because they decided to leave the Clock Tower Mall and move next to NORA cupcakes.   Gee, I wish I had the ability to go to the mayor and say:

“Excuse me sir, can you give me a cool $100,000 because I feel like moving.”   What a wonderful liberal world that would be, but in Middletown that vision is a reality because Drew has been down this road before with the ION Supermarket who felt that they were losing business due to the traffic issues plaguing the bridge.  In the council’s ultimate wisdom, 10 members of the council voted to give ION- the store free money, while the fiscal conservative members of the common council  ( (R)Debbie Kleckowski and Linda Salafia) elected (properly) to stand their ground and vote to keep the money in Middletown for the people. 

 What type of form does one have to do in order to obtain free money from the Mayor and the Democratic controlled Common Council?  Is there a packet, does a person have to give a blood or DNA sample? In order to be involved on the Democratic Town Committee, a person has to take pledge to the devil and promise the soul of the first born to the MDTC. (I will not make any predictions about Stephen H. Devoto at this time, but Hades is definitely carving out a space for him after his mortal adventure is complete).

Assignment: If you are a Republican, Unaffiliated or non-inside Democrat (i.e. Non CASHO member), ask yourself if our wonderful city’s Mayor will use his monies to further the cause for the following charities.  Unfortunately Mayor Drew will most likely take the extra money and form a PAC and give it away to the head master Dannel Malloy, but one can only hope.

  Hey, the liberals like Mark Masselli preach left and right how they help the poor people, but in reality Mark is making $600,000 a year and cancels Midnight on Main because Drew won’t budget on some minutia issues that Mark feels he is entitled to. (Truth, Masselli got a $10.00 parking ticket and Roger downtown refused to fix it for him).  (Truth 2: Masselli used and continues to use CHC money for his legal fees)

Will Mayor Dan Drew give his money away to any of the following causes?

     A)   MHS goes to the Symphony- An amazing cause, music and youth in Middletown. Can you imagine how many instruments 88k can buy? There needs to be a clause in there that says Marco Gaylord cannot get any MORE city money.

      B)   Midnight on Main Street-  Two years ago Ed McKeon and a bunch of others donated quality time and energy to bring forth a hip and an amazing event full or art and spunk on Newe Year’s Eve.  The 2nd year,  was equally successfully, but this year CHC President and ethical dilemma poster child Mark Masselli decided to pull the plug on the event.   This is the time for Mayor Drew to step up and show the people what he is made of!  No more strange trips to China, no more lights on the bridge. Give the people what the want- free entertainment!

     C)   Elevator at McDonough School- Rumor has it that the elevator at McDonough School is out of order. (Is that legal?)  Well, Dan I bet if you take out $2,000 from your 88k you can get it fixed.

     D)   Senior Center- Mayor, you were against the Senior Center and then gave the big speech for it taking credit for the whole thing.  Stand up and step out and give the entire 88K to the seniors.  Remember they vote!

     E)   Fix the Parking Meters- Fix the machines! 

     F)    Dog Park- Here is what you do, find a nice piece of land in town and have it fixed up.  (Rule: It can’t be a Vet’s Park unless the dog go poo-poo in the pool) With your money you can create the (drumroll): “Daniel T. Drew Poo-Poo Dog Park.” That would great.

     G)   Sewers in Maromas- Pump the sh*t right out of Maromas! (History of the World Part 1 reference)

      H)   Use the funds to help the fund balance-  This one is easy: take the monies and add it to the town’s fund balance in order to balance the books for once. 

      I)     Send more students to Magnet school- Help education and the kids find great schools. 88k can send a lot of kids to special technological schools and you could get credit for it.

       J)    Give Community Health Center Exec. Mark Masselli more money- This one is  easy too.  If MM makes $600,000 give him your money too, why not makes sense.(Then he can donate it back wink wink)

      K)   Continue the holiday lighting on main street- Every year in Middletown the lights during the holiday seasons get smaller and smaller and dimer and dimer.  Buy new LED special lights from CL&P that could save the town money.  I would use your Dem party line about lights, but I’ve heard so many times it makes want to reach for the Mylanta.

      L)    Buy bulletproof vests for Emergency Management- Be a man and buy these hard working guys bulletproof vests! Just do it! 

M)   Get the Emergency Management volunteers (ya know the people who bailed our butts out when you turned away the National Guard during a big snow storm that shut down streets for days)  the proper vaccines against communicable diseases - what is that like $300 for 15 people anyway? Masselli probably keeps some in his glove compartment.

      N)    Purchase two police cruisers- $88,000 can buy two brand new police cars for the town’s fleet. 13 are needed so knocking off two is a huge help.This would be an amazing gift from you to the people.

     O)    Once and for all get the City IT Dept., or better a savvy group of middle school students to set up broad casting the Council & BOE meetings live online! Digital archiving yea! Oh snap! Then people will REALLY be informed!  We bet you will have about $80,000 or more left over too. We hear this interweb thing is gonna be big someday! 

P)   A Tennis court for the high school. The courts were left out of the MHS Taj Mahal plan despite the addition of the sports facility and track. 

Q)   Improved animal control facilities for both dogs and cats. Middletown only now has facilities for dogs and, for years has had to send felines elsewhere. Why the not end the species discrimination?

What would you like to see $88k spent on in Middletown? 
You can bet your a** this money will be funneled into a PAC and go straight to the Malloy campaign coffers after this election; after all Big Dan pulled out all the stopped to get DD elected!

Before it does, tell us (or really Mayor Dannel Drew) 
in comments so he can pretend he really thought of it first!

Manchester state repute indicted of intimidation

Manchester state repute indicted of intimidation

October 23, 2013 Manchester No Comments
NORWICH, Conn. (AP) — The state Elections Enforcement Commission is questioning a censure by Norwich’s dual registrars of electorate that a state deputy operative as a domestic consultant to a city’s Democratic mayoral claimant attempted to dominate a officials.
The Bulletin reports that Republican registrar Dianne Slopak and Democrat Dianne Daniels have indicted state Rep. Geoffrey Luxenberg, D-Manchester, co-owner of a consulting firm, of melancholy to sue and protest to a Elections Enforcement multiplication unless a registrars immediately granted him with puncture applications for absentee ballots.
Accused of harassing the Manchester registrars and served as Dan Drew's treasurer in 2011 
Middletown Mayor Dan Drew (horrible photo,sorry reader) campaigning in other districts for other candidates.  Perhaps he should speak to his treasurer about his "conduct" in Manchester a few days back. 
Luxenberg’s consulting organisation represents mayoral claimant Deb Hinchey. He pronounced Tuesday a censure was politically encouraged and baseless.
Slopak says a lawmaker was perplexing to dominate her and Daniels. She denied that a censure is politically motivated.
Hinchey pronounced no laws were damaged and has “complete faith” in those who work for her.
Information from: Norwich Bulletin
Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This element might not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Letter to the Editor: Why I am Running for Common Council Seb Giuliano (R)

Letter to the Editor.All opinions of expressed in Letters to the Editor are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Insider staff.  Seb Giuliano's complete bio can be read here:
Candidate for Common Council
Seb Giuliano
 Why I am running for Common Council

I have chosen to run for Common Council as it is the Legislative Branch of the City of Middletown. By its nature, it is the body that is best suited to take the "long view". Under the provisions of the City Charter, it has responsibility for the City's budgets, it approves borrowing (either directly or approving a referendum question to put before the voters), it has the authority to appropriate funds out of the City's cash reserves and it has the power to pass ordinances that have the force of law. The Common Council also approves all job descriptions, the Personnel Rules, the Affirmative Action Plan and must approve all labor contracts as well as any other contract to which the City is a party. Clearly, the Common Council is as important a branch of the City government as the Executive - different in function, but just as important.

My priorities, if elected, are to re-focus the Common Council on its core functions. Councilpersons are not "mini-Mayors"; they have no executive authority. The Council is responsible for determining which of the Mayor's proposals it will enact and/or fund and to what extent it will fund them, as well as what resources it will give to the Mayor for the proper exercise of the administrative duties vested in that office. The Common Council also has a role in ordaining a vision for the City's future; to effectively do so, it must abandon its current practice of lurching from one budget year to another and from one election cycle to the next. To that objective, I would implement a policy of 5-year budget projections, in which the future fiscal impact of a current proposal can be anticipated before it is adopted. Because borrowing and drawing down the City's cash reserves compromises the our future fiscal health, I would also implement, via Charter Revision (a process that is vested exclusively in the legislative branch) where necessary and appropriate, a requirement that appropriations and borrowing be approved by a 9-vote supermajority of the Common Council.

The great and famous Helen Keller, when asked what could be worse than being born blind, replied "To have sight, but no vision". I believe that our vision will determine what Middletown's future will be. Will we be a community where our young people will choose to make their lives? Will we be a community where our older citizens and retirees will be able to enjoy that which they have worked a lifetime to achieve? Or will our youth seek their fortunes somewhere else, as they will see no future for themselves here? Will our senior citizens move away from the City that has been their home and heritage for generations, because they can no longer afford to stay here? The decisions we make today will determine the answers to those questions. Those are among the most important questions the voters must consider when making their choices on November 5.

Vote ROW A

Veterans' Day Parade-Hartford-Sunday Nov 3


2013 Parade Grand Marshals (left to right): Frank Alvarado of East Haven; Major Linda Cunha of Newington; Chandler J. Howard of Farmington; Samuel Jacobellis of Danbury; and Daniel J. McHale of Avon.
·         Retired Master Sergeant Frank Alvarado of East Haven, a veteran of the U.S. Army and Connecticut Air National Guard, and currently the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Senior Area Manager for Greater Bridgeport and the SBA’s Veterans Officer for Connecticut;
 ·        Major Linda Cunha of Newington, who commanded the Connecticut Army National Guard’s 142d Area Support Medical Company. The veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan currently serves as Executive Officer of the 118th Multifunctional Medical Battalion in Middletown;
 ·        Retired Staff Sergeant Chandler J. Howard of Farmington, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam as a Helicopter Crew Chief, and today is the President and CEO of Connecticut’s Liberty Bank;
·         Retired Sergeant Samuel Jacobellis of Danbury, a member of the Greater Danbury Area Korean War Veterans Association who served in the U.S. Army. This year is especially poignant for Jacobellis and his fellow Korean War vets as America is observing 60 years since the end of that war; and
·         Retired Brigadier General (CT) Daniel J. McHale of Avon, a U.S. Army and Connecticut Army National Guard veteran who served in various capacities over the past 45 years. He is the State’s Transition Assistance Advisor, for veterans and active military and their families. He co-chairs the OIF/OEF/OND Military Support Coalition and is Connecticut chapter President of the Association of the U.S. Army.
P.S. Daria Novak writes:
"We are marching this Sunday with our 8 foot hgih statue of Lady Liberty in the Hartford veterans Day Parade. Please, please come march with us. Let's send a message! We are meeting at 10:30. If anyone needs a ride let mw kinow and we will work on it. If anyone has a pickup truck on which Lady Liberty can ride in the parade, please message me at"

Candidate Video by Palin Smith: Who is Angel R. Fernandez for Common Council?

Below is an article originally written by blogger Robert Cyr at CT Latino News and published at:http://ctlatinoe
Read out previous post about Fernandez, who is volunteers Deputy Chief at the City's Emergency management department. Fernandez is a husband, father, veteran and small business owner of Eleven Charlie LLC, a company that recently donated over $10K worth of training to the City of Middletown. Fernandez is running as a Republican for a seat on the Common Council.
Angel Fernandez Republican Candidate
 for Common Council Middletown

Middletown Candidate Seeks to Expand Latino Political Influence

By Robert Cyr
As the Latino population in Connecticut’s Middlesex County grows, so does their political influence. Angel Fernandez, who is already a well-known name in Middletown, Conn., political and public service circles, is a prime example of this trend as he seeks a seat on the city’s Common Council expanding the role Latinos play in the city.
According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the county’s Latino population rose 9.79 percent between 2011 and 2012, and is now home to about 8,600 Latinos residents.
He’s the first Latino to head the city’s emergency management operations and has taught courses on terrorism response to Office of Emergency Management staff.
Now he is poised to possibly make history in Middletown again this November. He is the first Hispanic running for the Common Council as a Republican.
“I’ve always been a Republican since the day I joined the military,” Fernandez said of his decision to run for the GOP in a city where Hispanics traditionally are Democrats. Even his family says he is the unusual one, he said.
He believes that the GOP better represents the needs of the U.S. military, as well as better following the Constitution in the way they govern.
Fernandez said entering local politics was a tough decision for him, but the state’s new restrictive gun laws were enough to force his hand.
I just figured the only way to make changes is through the local politics then go to state level to make the changes and to really listen to the people and do what the people (voters) ask of you,” he said. “ Is not the other way around, I see politicians who forget that the voters put them in office to do the right thing for them and not what is beneficial to you as a person”
He added, “So, basically, I said my job is not done serving my country now. It is my city and state that I have to go and serve.”
His military career began in 1989, and he retired with an honorable medical discharge due to injuries from the current war on terrorism.
He served in Southern California as an aviation ordnanceman from 1989-91 and was in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He later served in the Army from 1991 until 1995 as an infantry soldier. In 2000, he was called to serve back in the Navy as a military police officer in an anti-terrorist unit and did a short stint as protective service.
“I was General Frank’s body guard during Sept 11, 2001, then I was working with NATO Forces in Crete, Greece. I was in Little Creek, Va., and did multiple tours in Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom,” he said.
Fernandez retired at Sub-base New London in 2007. He was awarded numerous commendations and awards, including being the first US Navy Hispanic inducted into the American Police Hall of Fame. He also received  the J. Edgar Hoover Award for training excellence of Law Enforcement Personnel around the world.
Fernandez said his background influenced his decision to run for office.
It’s not just being a Latino but as an American, I have come from a poor family that worked its way up to what I am now,” he said.. “I can relate to everybody from all walks of life because I have been there.”
“The Latino population is really growing in Middletown. In the past 17 years I have been here I saw a increase the past 2 years which is great and that’s one of the other reason I want to run for office so the city and county can be part of the changes in our community.
Fernandez, 44, studied public safety administration and criminal Justice at Central Connecticut State University after serving in the U.S. Navy from 1989 to 2007. He has three sons, including a platoon sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps serving overseas.
Below is a video courtesy of guest blogger and videographer Palin Smith of Candidate (R) for Common Council Angel Fernandez.  Read his previously submitted complete bio here:

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