March 5, 2013

Lesser offers proof of Spanish Heritage: MENUDO

Press Release from the Office of (D)State Representative Matthew Lesser

Hartford- As many the folks out there may know, I recently joined the black and Hispanic caucus up at the state’s capital. 

As said: “When Lesser asked to join the Black & Latino caucus, there was some quiet head scratching in some corners of the State Capitol.  As it turns out, Lesser’s mother came from Argentina.” 

Well, I have to admit there were some folks out there scratched more than their heads when I announced my intention to apply and join the Black & Latino Caucus despite two terms of not being apart of it; I mean take a good look at me. My Edward E. Newman smile, and sandy hair- it all makes sense, I am definitely a Hispanic. This being politics, I realized that I would have to prove my heritage and I am asking the Middletown Insider to publish a photo of my puffy and smiley Argentinian face in a band I founded in the 1970s: Menudo.  It’s true folks, check Wikipedia, or ask the same people that claimed my buddy Daniel T. Drew took down a corrupt sheriff.   

            I clearly remember when my opponent in last year’s election bragged about her dancing roots in various articles. I felt at that time I should have come out of the closet about my dancing past as a Spanish heartthrob, hell, I taught Ricky Martin how shake his boooo-tay.  Please check the internet for proof of my Hispanic heritage, Between the years 1988-2011 I worked on several of the following albums with the boyz: Sons of Rock; Sombras Y Figura; Los Ultimos Heroes; Vote for me, I’m Spanish, Tiempo De Amar and Driving to Obama with Danny. If that doesn’t work, then check out the photo below.


Matthew Lesser
“When in doubt Re-district after Midnight”


BillboyBaggins said...

I'm assuming this is satire, but then, I'm somewhat naive!

Middletown Insider said...

Well, he did attempt to join the black and latino caucus ( it falls into the S.N.L. department where his real action is made fun of and expanded on..

Anonymous said...

I heard he is .0000000000000000000005 Chinesese, so he is joing the Asian Caucus in the fall. what a big dope!